Susan Estrich stares into the abyss that is the upcoming Democratic National Convention, and declares that it’s inevitable – Sens. Obama and Clinton will have to join forces and run together on the same ticket.

The longer this thing goes, the more likely it is that these two – as much as they may be coming to dislike each other, much as their supporters (at least at the top levels) may be coming to distrust each other, much as professional Democrats may be wondering out loud if once again we are about to steal defeat from the jaws of victory and do for McCain what he couldn’t do for himself – are going to end up running together.There comes a point where the only way to put the party together is literally to put the two halves together. What remains unclear, still, is which half ends up on top.

Since being second banana (and in the case of Obama in a Clinton administration, third banana) is an unnecessarily disadvantageous step down for either, that’s the big question.

What no one seems to be noticing right now is that selecting John Edwards as a running mate would bring in the same number of votes with a fraction of the political hassles.

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