The Wright Stiff

I’ll admit to being burnt out on politics at the moment – clearly it’s the result of this interminable primary season.  After all, I did spend most of the fall and winter complaining that it was just too early for presidential campaigns.

However, Jeremiah Wright has thrust this campaign season right to the center square of this blog (or, at least one of them) – the intersection of religion and politics.  It’s a big square.

I realized that the reverend represented a major controversy for the Obama campaign, but to be honest, I thought the storm would be over in two or three news cycles (that’s days in the normal universe).  That didn’t happen.  The storm continues stronger than ever.  Words like “train wreck” and “implosion” are being used, and Machiavellian conspiracies are being invoked to explain the media blitz we witnessed yesterday.

From Hugh Hewitt:

Unless Senator Obama moves quickly and decisively to completely repudiate Reverend Wright, his fall campaign will be doomed. (And even a complete repudiation of Wright may not save the nomination if Hillary Clinton stays to her own course and begins to talk about Michelle Obama’s vision of America for the rest of the primary season.)

And from The Anchoress:

I thought of Wright as a simple exhibitionist unable to resist the lure of bright lights and headlines – a guy wanting to breath the rarefied air of “power and influence” currently enjoyed by those stale-but-still-strutting barnyard cocks, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

But now, it seems like perhaps Wright really has been bought and paid for; Obama’s team says they had no warning about this media-blitz, and that Wright has actually rebuffed them. It seems the coup is in fact, Clintonian.

The question is – does Obama have the guts and the cujones to make that charge against the Clinton campaign – that they’re exploiting the vast weaknesses of his father-figure for their own gain, and have apparently promised him the barnyard?

Is it really so bad for Sen. Obama? I mean, is it really so awful that he attended a church for twenty years that espoused that the Creator had (or should, or would, depending on your interpretation) damn America? – or who ‘honors’ Nation of Islam Leader (and anti-semite) Louis Farrakhan, or who states publicly that the US invented AIDS as a weapon of genocide against minorities?  Yes, it is that bad.  After all, you don’t need a weatherman.

As of today, he’s still the odds-on favorite to win the Democratic nomination, and by September people will be asking themselves “Didn’t we have that election already?  Why is he still around?”  And if you’re thinking that there’s plenty of time for him to recover, you should know that there’s another shoe to drop – and Sen. Clinton is not going to be the one to drop it – Tony Rezko.

So yes, this primary season just got very, very interesting.  Will the Democrats dare to deny him the nomination?  If they do, ask anyone in Washington this summer what time it is.  The only right answer is “It’s 1968.”

Update: From Hot AirSen. Addresses the issue in a presser.  Wright.  Bus.  Splat.  “Rich Lowry speculates that Obama’s team must have some awfully bad polling numbers on Wright to warrant this spectacle today.”

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