I Want My Flying Car

Via Slashdot, if we can’t have our flying car yet, maybe we can have an airplane that you can legally drive.

It’s named the Transition, and the first full-scale model is taking shape inside a former machine shop on an industrial back alley in Woburn, MA. Between now and late July, the 10 employees of angel-funded startup Terrafugia will be spending “a lot of long days, nights, and weekends” in that shop, says CEO and founder Carl Dietrich. That’s because they want to show off their concept vehicle at AirVenture – the world’s largest aviation festival, held annually in Oshkosh, WI – and there’s a lot of work to finish first.

Some idiot drifted into my lane this morning while chatting on a cell phone and drinking coffee while negotiating a turn, poorly.  Imagine that person at altitude at about 100 knots.  The mind boggles.

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