McCain Says The Right Things

But Will He Stick By His Words?

I commented recently on Republican politics, and their recent congressional “farm aid” bill.  Perhaps I was being too subtle about the dubious qualities of the bill when I intimated that voting for it was an example of how THEY ARE DOOOOOOOMED!!!!

Ahem. Senator McCain wrote about it yesterday.

In The Chicago Tribune (bad link repaired) he writes:

I’d veto the farm bill – a bloated expansion in federal spending that will do more harm than good.

The majority of subsidies in this proposal go to large commercial farms that average $200,000 in annual income and $2 million in net worth, and the bill allows a single farmer to earn more than $1 million before cutting subsidies. How can we credibly extend this largesse to this constituency? If I am elected president, I will seek an end to all farm subsidies and tariffs that are not based on clear need.

It is time to wean ourselves from the huge crop subsidies being paid by taxpayers and the flawed policies that distort the markets, artificially raise prices for consumers and pit producers against consumers.

What he says is exactly right. But actually acting on that would be a bit more than our last three Presidents managed to do.

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