Wanna Live Longer? Exercise

The End of Aging? Probably not. But “we”, as a species, will probably live longer, healthier and better than ever in recorded history.

Of course, that’s a pretty low bar.

Still, the path we’re on seems to be the correct one if the goal is living healthy longer. That’s not a bad thing.

Now, however, with baldness cures and virility restorers that do work found as close as the nearest drugstore, researchers have started looking into ways to slow, stop or perhaps even reverse the changes that accompany aging. If these scientists succeed, their breakthroughs may lead to major changes in human society.

At least, it’s not a bad thing until human society changes in a way that is generally considered “bad”. For now, we’re getting noticeably better at fixing the things that naturally go wrong with the body as we age. It’s clear that we’re about to get out of the Jr. High School stage of progress, and move onto the next level.

Scientists have already identified more modest life extenders. It’s pretty thoroughly established that red wine’s resveratrol activates the SIRT-1 gene, which seems to clean out intracellular gunk. (The gene is also triggered by calorie restriction.) Studies show that rats dosed with resveratrol – or given low-calorie diets – seem to live longer and remain far more vital than ordinary rats. Sirtris Pharmaceuticals is currently conducting human testing of a drug called SRT501 as a treatment for diabetes, but it may also hold promise for retarding the aging process and alleviating a number of inflammatory diseases that go with getting older.

My granddaughter, age 19 months, is going to have an interesting life.

H/T to Glenn Reynolds for the link.

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