Politics – In – Spaaaaaaceeee!

For The Greater Glory!Right at the point where politics and rocket science meet (with a wimper, not a bang), presidential candidate (presumed candidate? Candidate wannabe? Nutcase?) Ron Paul and his minions launch their latest efforts.

The Ron Paul Revolution is producing a spaceship for the purpose of lifting a payload into space so the entire Universe may receive Ron Paul’s message for as long as we can maintain electricity. This is a groundbreaking effort, as no grassroots support group for a politician has ever paid tribute in Outer Space!

Uh – What?

One other purpose is to develop alternative propulsion systems using Carbonic Reaction Thrust Engines, powered by Diet Coke and Mentos. In this end, we ask both the Coca Cola Corp. and Mentos brand Breath Mints to sponsor both our early traditional propulsion efforts, and our experimental CRTE efforts.

Ron, you had me at “spaceship”.

As T.L. James says at Marsblog, this may be a joke, but who knows with these guys?

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