Britain On The Verge?

Of Collapse, Revolution, or Rebellion

It seemed strange for me to read that too, but is it possible that Great Britain is on the verge? Rachel Lucas quotes from The Daily Mail.

For more than two years, Sydney Davis’ house has been under siege from stone-throwing youths. And more than two hours into the latest attack on his family home, the police had yet to respond.

So after a particularly large missile landed in his kitchen, the 65-year-old grabbed a plank of wood and ran towards the gang to scare them away. But his desperate act came just as the police finally arrived on the scene – where they promptly arrested him for possession of an offensive weapon.

He now faces up to six months in prison.

You have to read the rest to understand that this in not an anomaly. In Great Britain this is starting to become standard practice. Rachel Lucus:

A few years ago, if you’d presented me with a list like this:


…and asked me which of those places I would like to live, I would have said Britain without batting an eye. Not so today and I’m almost not kidding. Maybe I’ll get over it soon, but these articles just keep coming and each one is more absurd than the last, and just, what the fuck is WRONG with these people?

The original link is from Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit, who is always pithy. But his one, added comment more than deserves repetition. “When the police are widely seen as the dependable allies of hoodlums, you’ve got a country that’s ripe for some sort of revolution. Any wonder that so many Brits are emigrating?”

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