This Is Close To Perfect

What A Day The Lord Has Made

Oh yeah – it was that good.

It’s a fine Sunday morning, and I got up early for a reason. I wanted to go to early Mass so that I would have time to eat a decent breakfast and ride my bike for a while. Little did I know that the weatherman had predicted “severe” thunderstorms for most of today.

So in my ignorance, I executed my plan. 7:30 Mass, eggs and (turkey) ham on toast with coffee, and by 10:30, I’m off riding in the sunshine of a cloudless sky. Nice. I took it just a bit easy, not pushing the pace, and I finished 10 miles in the park in about 1 hour, feeling very comfortable all the while.

Sometimes you can let everything else go, and just smile because you feel good. It’s a gift I’ve been given today, and (for a change) I noticed it, and I’m grateful.

One hour later, the clouds have closed in, and thunder is booming. That’s good too, because the lawn needs the rain.

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