Dying Cities

Rust Never Sleeps

Forbes prints is list of (10) fastest dying cities. As you might expect, the list seems to include every city in Ohio (it doesn’t, but seems that way), Michigan (more than just Detroit), Buffalo, Scranton, Springfield Mass. and even Charleston W.Va.

What? Not D.C.??? I know not why (this one industry town has had as many felons for mayor as Detroit, and nearly the same murder rate).

As for Buffalo being on the list, well I refer you first to Tcharlach, who wrote in his comment to the article

We have what many other cities want – little traffic on the road, great weather – no hurricanes tornados earthquakes fires floods and all the other “good” things other cities live with. We also have water, water and more water that all these living cities don’t have and probably will die for a lack of. Would I want to live in Atlanta Phoenix Las Vegas LA Houston Dallas Miami Charlotte or any of the other “great” cities. NO! When my four daughters finished there college education they choose to stay and live and raise families here.

His is not the only like sentiment posted there.

I also refer you to The BBD, who has his own ideas on the future of Buffalo.

H/T to Don Surber.

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