Kill The Unbelievers!

What Do You Get When You Cross An Islamic Extremist With An Environmentalist?

The answer may be dangerously bad theater. From the Australian Daily Telegraph:

Lloyd is a the Director of Energy Studies at the University of Otago and “has particular expertise in renewable energy, energy conservation and peak oil.” Also, he thinks people who don’t share his climate beliefs are the equal of dangerous criminals. Naturally, Lloyd grew up in Adelaide.

UPDATE. In New Zealand they want to silence people. In Irish plays, they want to kill them:

The Irish Play they’re speaking of is Another Kind Of Silence by Abie Philbin Bowman.

This one has to do with meeting a pretty, young Scots-Bangla woman who adheres to the view that the best way to reduce carbon emissions is to kill as many rich Westerners as possible.

Just so you know…

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