Wheels On Fire

Well, Maybe Not Quite On Fire

Wheels of Fire!

Wheels of Fire!

But I sure enjoyed bicycling (again) this morning. Every weekend morning (save one) since June began, I’ve taken advantage of the incredible spell of comfortably warm, sunny Saturdays and Sundays to get on the bike, burn a few calories and generally feel like a kid again. This day began with a very light breakfast and 17 miles on a hiker-biker path that I haven’t been on before. Nice. My life was only threatened once by a (ahem) less than attentive driver as I paralleled a small strip mall to get to the path. Why she didn’t see my florescent tee-shirt with “Grandpa” on it, I’ll never know.

In case you’re wondering, the answer is “No, I’m working out during the week, too.” Treadmill, mostly. I’m up to 3.1 miles in about 35 min, which will not get me into the London Olympics in 2012, but is getting close to a personal goal. I only ask that my knees hold out…

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