When The Instapundit Writes About You

Then You’ve Hit The Big Time

But not necessarily in a good way. And it really doesn’t get a whole lot worse, public-relations wise.

Now, I’d admit that this pushes one of my buttons, big time. I react viscerally when people in positions of authority flaunt and otherwise abuse the privilege, so you know where my biases lay. From the paper that I delivered as a boy:

Pennyamon alleges that after wrongly breaking into her apartment, police proceeded to strike her epileptic husband in the head with the butt end of a shotgun and point shotguns at her young children before admitting their mistake and then raiding the right apartment.

She says she’s left with a broken door, an injured husband, jittery children and — what bothers her most — still no apology from police.

This is not an isolated incident, of course. But “the authorities” seem determined to prove that both “no-knock warrants” and swat team tactics are never justified. Ever. And that’s quite a feat.

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