Broader, Bolder, But Better?

This Seems To Be Education Week

American Federation of Teachers


Greg Forster at Pajamas Media reports:

[T]he teachers’ unions are using to try to lure you into giving them more money. It’s actually called “Broader, Bolder.” If you’ve ever seen a title that sounded more like a gimmick to sucker people out of their money, you’ve seen more marketing gimmicks than I have.

The argument runs like this: kids do better in school when they’re well fed, healthy, and so forth. Therefore schools should be transformed into social-service centers that will not only teach students, but also provide health care and lots of other services. Schools would be open all day and provide a wide variety of community programs.

This will, of course, cost a ton of money and entail a huge expansion of the government educational bureaucracy. Which has nothing to do with why the unions want it.

Emphasis mine. Forster soars to the heights of cynicism in his piece, but he makes a good point when he says:

The issue is, are schools the best institutions for providing these services? Even if schools could provide them, it still makes no sense to provide them through schools if other institutions could provide the same services better. Like, say, institutions whose core mission is to provide those services.

Without delving much further (like I probably should), my knee reflexively kicks when I see evidence of expanding government functions/power/spending. I keep hearing The First Law of Holes being sung as if in chorus.

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