Hurricane Blogging

Six years ago next week, Hurricane Isabelle skirted the area that is now my home. It was ugly weather, but we survived without even losing power that week. [But not the following week. Another, more local storm came through right after the hurricane, leaving us without power for 5 days. It makes you appreciate hot water.]

This time, “Hurricane” Hanna (it’s officially a tropical storm now) is off to my south and east, and so far, so good. It’s very warm, it was extraordinarily humid last evening, and up to this point, we’ve see much more rain than wind.

According to this live weather tracker (warning – the link will we outdated relatively quickly) the storm center is over the South Carolina/North Carolina border as I type this, so we’re hours from the worst of it.

If I can get some decent video, I’ll post it as an update.

Update: Well, it looks like WordPress considers QuickTime video formats (my camera’s native format) to be a security risk. It won’t let me upload *.mov. S’ok – The storm seems to be petering out already, even as it’s wiped out all chances of biking this weekend (“No biking for yooouuu!” – the bike nazi.)

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