The Day After Hanna

She Made A Liar Out Of Me

Wheels of Fire!

Wheels of Fire!

Yes indeed, for the weekend was not ruined. Not at all. However, just a little further south…

“There’s a river now that flows through my back yard, and it got up to within three feet from my house,” said Marjorie Knowles, whose Vienna home was threatened by an overflowing drainage ditch. “I mean, I’m not big on prayer, but I’m praying.”

One of the storm’s biggest impacts was in the Huntington neighborhood of Fairfax County, where about 50 people were evacuated from their homes as Cameron Run rose and flooded streets. The water began receding about 6 p.m., and some homeowners were allowed to return by about 8 p.m., but officials were going house-to-house to look for structural damage or backed-up sewage.

Today, one day after the storm that tore up Rt. 95 from South Carolina to Massachusetts and caused some major flooding only 30 minutes from where I am sitting, it’s been picture-perfect.



But for the debris on the roads – mostly a few downed tree limbs, occasionally of substantial size – you could not ask for a better day to bike ride. Which is exactly what I did this morning.

And I could not have asked for a better day to celebrate, with the AstroWife, our seventh anniversary. Which is exactly we did this evening.

Happy Anniversary, lover. ;*

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