It Takes A Big Man To Admit I’m Wrong

Back in May I wrote:

The House and Senate are going to be overwhelmingly Democrat come January 2009. The electoral hit facing the Republicans resembles 1964, without a Bill Buckley or Barry Goldwater or Ronald Reagan to stir the ashes looking for a phoenix.

‘Twas in response to congress’ bi-partisan support of a particularly corrupt piece of pork laden legislation, the farm bill.

May was four months ago, which is, in political term, somewhere back in the pleistocene era. Today, the struggle for control of Congress is not so clear cut.

A potential shift in fortunes for the Republicans in Congress is seen in the latest USA Today/Gallup survey, with the Democrats now leading the Republicans by just 3 percentage points, 48% to 45%, in voters’ “generic ballot” preferences for Congress. This is down from consistent double-digit Democratic leads seen on this measure over the past year.

Gallup Pole 11 Sept 2008

Gallup Pole 11 Sept 2008

Of course, the election is still two months away, which is, in political terms, about the time it takes light to travel from here to Alpha Centauri. Plenty of time for the best laid plans of both sides to discombobulate (and they will).  But don’t you just love an interesting race?

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