82 mph – On A Bicycle?

Oh Yes. It Has Been Done

Slow Poke!

Slow Poke!

I was insufferably pleased with myself last weekend for completing a 23.6 mile bike trip in just under 100 minutes.  Ask the AstroWife.  She’ll tell you I was insufferable.  The math works out to an average speed of just over 14 mph, which probably won’t make Lance Armstrong reconsider his decision to re-enter the world of competitive bicycling, but isn’t too bad for an old man like me. I think. Half the trip was uphill, after all.


Sam Whittingham has gone a little faster than that, on a human-powered, two wheeled vehicle that I hesitate to call a bicycle.

Sam Whittingham is the fastest cyclist on the planet, having pedaled his sleek recumbent bicycle to a stunning 82.3 mph to claim the world record for a human-powered vehicle.

The bike-builder from British Columbia bested his previous record of 81.02 mph during a picture-perfect run through the desert during the World Human Powered Speed Challenge outside Battle Mountain, Nevada.

Now that’s toolin’.

“I was flying down the course, but I was getting bumped around like crazy,” he said afterward, according to Canadian news blog The Tyee. “That was one of the scarier runs of my life because I’ve never gone that fast before.”

There aren’t many times where I’ve gone that fast in a car.

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One Comment on “82 mph – On A Bicycle?”

  1. yep, it’s all in a good day’s work for Sam! Sorta like a good day at the office for the rest of us… Same stuff, different day… [yawn] Okay I’m joking. Sam I love how you get stoked about your accomplishments yet still take everything in stride.
    ~Anna Lee Husband
    Oracle Cycle Works
    Oshawa (Toronto) Ontario, Canada

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