What To Do, What To Do

Abandon Hope, All Ye… Nah!

You say that the stock market has trashed your 401k, and the tax man cometh? Your home insurance has gone up, because of some 4-letter agency dithering in New Orleans, when Galveston has been wiped off the map? And your congressman has just raised raised your gas bill, even after he just bought you a bridge to East Podunk, NoWhere, all while your candidate’s just dropped in the poles, again?

Is that what’s troubling you, boobie?

You say the airlines lost your luggage and they took you bottle of water? And your cousin-in-law from Brazil is coming to live for 3 months, with his 8 kids, and the boss wants it done last Tuesday (but you just know the pink slip is in the mail)?

Is that what’s giving you heartburn, Hortence?

Never fear. Be of good cheer. There is a way out of the funk. The Anchoress has just the thing for you and all your worries.

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