Immigration Causes Global Warming!

And I Feel Fine

Now you see the far-sighted wondrousness of the Bush administration and the Democratic Congress. Immigrants come here for jobs and homes, but that causes them to increase their use of carbon and greenhouse gases, causing global warming. Can’t have that. The solution: “Let’s wreck the mortgage market and wall street. If that doesn’t discourage them, we’ll wreck business (and their employment opportunities) by taxing the hell out of it. Then they’ll go home!” Steven A. Camarota and Leon Kolankiewicz explain how this works.

Immigration to the United States significantly increases world-wide CO2 emissions because it transfers population from lower-polluting parts of the world to the United States, which is a higher-polluting country. On average immigrants increase their emissions four-fold by coming to America.

And if that wasn’t clear enough:

Of course, if immigrants had remained in their home counties they would still have produced some CO2, but as we will see, their output would have been a great deal less because immigration represents a large-scale population transfer from the less consuming, less industrialized, and less CO2 emitting parts of the world to one of the highest consuming, most industrialized, high CO2 emitting parts of the world – the United States.

Got it.

Amazing what you learn on the ‘net. Isn’t it?

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