Answering The Political Questions



Ultraguy at New Wineskins has been wondering about Senator Obama’s latest maneuver (to summon Robin Hood to his campaign), charitable giving, Marxian re-distribution of wealth, and how it all fits into Catholicism. Deep questions, all. He poses them this way:

Isn’t all the stuff in Acts, e.g., 4:32 kind of, you know, Communist?, I asked my mentor one day. I mean, nobody owning anything privately? All of them sharing all their possessions? Isn’t that straight out of Marx and Engels?

And what about the stuff in Mattew 19:21 (and Mark 10:21, and Luke 12:33, not to mention Luke 18:22). If everyone sold everything and gave it to the poor wouldn’t prices crash and markets collapse?

It’s only a coincidence, I’m sure, that I just happened to read The Anchoress mere moments before Ultraguy’s questions popped up on my browser. It must have been a real fortunate coincidence, because she just happened to know someone who just happened to know the answer. And she just happened to write about it. Yeah. It was just. a. coincidence.

Last week Pope Benedict XVI said: ”He who builds only on visible and tangible things like success, career and money builds the house of his life on sand”…money vanishes, it is nothing. All these things that appear to be real are in fact secondary. Only God’s words are a solid reality”.

It – the money – is nothing.  And if the market collapses tomorrow, then, what of it?

She goes on to note that, in this “quantum universe”, that – God’s Word – is only thing that is solid and enduring, like Benedict said. More enduring than the Earth under your feet. She understands her quantum mechanics, too.

What I am reminded, repeatedly, is that time is a construct – that everything is happening simultaneously. Right now, I am writing at my computer. Right now, I am voting at my local school. Right now, Christ is dying on a cross. Right now, He is making a covenant and receiving a kiss. Right now, Napoleon is heading to Waterloo. Right now, George Washington is facing defeat for the umpteenth time. Right now, I am being needlessly cruel to someone. Right now I am being born. Right now I am 78 years old and grousing that my kids never visit me. Right now, Obama has won the election. Right now John McCain has won the election.

And right now we are shaken and uncertain, perhaps cold and hungry. Right now we are confident and strong and even comfortable in our homes with loving families.

We can pray for understanding, but it’s better to pray that we do God’s will, nothing more.  We can give our money away, or “redistribute” it by Marx-inspired methods and justifications.  But we’ll know when we’ve helped somebody and done some good, and when we’re just “casting perls before swine”.  We’ll know.

Correction: Pearls, of course. Been scripting too long ;>

My thanks to Ultraguy for the blogrolling and comments.  I encourage everyone to give him a visit.

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One Comment on “Answering The Political Questions”

  1. ultraguy Says:

    Amen to that! Methinks that you, me, Anchoress and PBXVI are all getting our ideas from the same guy. And it sure is reassuring to know he’s seen the whole thing (history) already and how it plays out. (Hot tip: God wins!) Thanks for the link, Joe. Blog-rolling you now.

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