Power Rankings – Are The Bills For Real?

It Sure Looks Like They Are

Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills

ESPN has them ranked at #4 in the NFL, as does Sportsline, saying “As long as Trent Edwards plays like he did against the Chargers, the Bills will push for the division title. They’re better than we thought.”
TeamRankings.com has them at #3 (!) ahead of Tampa Bay and Carolina.

Dr. Z at Sports Illustrated has them ranked at #6, but still ahead of The Redskins, The Cowboys, the Eagles (that is, the best of the highly regarded NFC East) and The Patriots (He even hints that they could easily be ranked as high as 4). That won’t last unless the Bills beat them on Nov. 9, of course.  But it would be a mistake to count the Bills out of that game before the first snap, regardless of the betting line.  The way this season is going it’s foolish to count out any team before any game.

Other prognosticators had them ranked at about #5 in the league, before the Bills beat San Diego convincingly,  generally behind The Titans, The Steelers and The Giants.  That’s pretty good company they’re keeping there.

And it’s good that SI is featuring some of the Buffalo Jills this week – for a change.

How will they do the rest of the season, you ask?  Well, I’m certainly uncharacteristically optimistic about their play-off chances.

Besides – It’s only mid-October.  The Hawk has just started to fly in the City of Good Neighbors.

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