Harvard Studies The Gore Effect

Who Better?

The most famous (and probably most highly regarded) University in the country is happy to have landed former Vice President Al Gore to be the keynote speaker at the Harvard Sustainability Celebration.

From The Reference Frame:

But they are kind of obliged to be happy about the keynote speaker, Mr Al Gore, who is famous for his big house, jet, and the so-called Gore effect. Dictionaries explain the term as

The phenomenon that leads to unseasonably cold temperatures, driving rain, hail, or snow whenever Al Gore visits an area to discuss global warming. Hence, the Gore Effect.

Apparently, The Gore Effect still works.

In Cambridge, the warmest October 22nd occurred in 1979 when the temperature climbed to 83 deg. F. Well, it doesn’t look like what they see today. Even the average high temperature for this day is 60 deg. F which is still far too high. After the noon, the temperature in Cambridge is 44.5 deg. F. Tonight, it is predicted to drop to 34 deg. F, close to the record low of 28 deg. F measured in 1940.

Cool! Um… Sorry!

And if you happen to still be worried about global warming, you shouldn’t be. There’s a much bigger worry out there for you to lose sleep over. I suggest you read Don Surber, and follow the link he provides.

Lorne Gunter of the National Post reported: “The number of climate change skeptics is growing rapidly. Because a funny thing is happening to global temperatures – they’re going down, not up.”

From the cyclical change in the temperature of the middle of the Pacific Ocean, to the cyclical change in solar activity, to the cyclical change in solar winds, signs point to a global cooling, which is not a good thing. This would shorten growing seasons and reduce the range for all animals, including polar bears.

Global cooling happens quickly. Global warming slowly.

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