Hubble Is Closer To Coming Back

It’s Still A Long Journey, Though

Phil Plait, of Bad Astronomy Blog gives us our first report on HST since it “safed” on Friday.

There had been two separate problems. The first was with the Advanced Camera for Surveys. Phil informs us:

Basically, the software had been changed to support the upcoming servicing mission, and the test wound up stepping on some of the new code. This issue has been resolved.

<voice character=Newman>Excellent!</voice>

Second, there was an “electrical event” that tripped a hardware reset in the science payload.

This too was not a big deal, but the hardware is programmed to shut down in such an event so humans can take a look and see what happened. This too has been resolved.

Also good news!

According to The Bad Astronomer, more news will be coming this weekend.  We look forward to more science coming from HST before it’s through.

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