Where Science And Religion Collide

Out There, In The Cosmos

And when experts in those areas meet face to face, it generates interest.

Pope Benedict told a gathering of scientists including the British cosmologist Stephen Hawking on Friday that there was no contradiction between believing in God and empirical science.

Benedict, who briefly met the wheelchair-bound physicist at an event hosted by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, described science as the pursuit of knowledge about God’s creation.

“There is no opposition between faith’s understanding of creation and the evidence of the empirical sciences,” the pontiff said.

Told ya so!  (Sorry – couldn’t resist.)

More seriously, the tension that is assumed to exist between faith an science is, to my understanding, much more chimera than fact.   Human arrogance (and hubris) create this perceived divide.   I find it to be a shame, because I find it to be unnecessary.

H/T to LGF for the link.

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