Enceladus, Upclose And Personal

And It Doesn’t Get Much More Upclose Than This!

Nancy Atkinson at Universe Today shows us some early-release picts of Cassisi’s fly-by of the Saturnian moon Enceladus last Friday.  Awsome.  If your house was in the field of view of Cassini’s cameras, you could see it in these photograghs – the resolution is that good.

The resolution of the mosaic shown here is just 12.3 meters per pixel! Visible are large house-sized boulders, and the deep “tiger stripes” from which the plumes of material are being produced.

[A]s Carolyn Porco, the imaging team leader for the spacecraft said, “a bounty of positively glorious views of one of the most fabulous places in the solar system.”

It’s a pity our country’s space efforts are going to be somewhat curtailed for the forseeable future, no matter who is elected.

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