Live Long

…Even If You Don’t Prosper

Lord knows I like my wine, even if I haven’t had more than one glass a year for the past few. That’s probably why my interest peaks every time I hear something about the anti-aging properties of reservatrol, an antioxident found in red wines. It has been shown to guard against some maladies commonly associated with aging. At least, it does so in mice.

The catch is that you’d have to drink yourself silly to receive a fraction of the benefits that mice get. That way lies idiocy.

An altenate way seems to be in the offering.

A pill that delivers the health benefits of diet and exercise without any of the effort is one step closer to becoming a reality. European scientists have found that mice fed a high-fat, high-calorie diet and prevented from exercising regularly can be protected from weight gain and metabolic disorders when given a drug that targets a gene linked to longevity. The treatment even increases the animals’ running endurance.

Rand Simberg notes that more advances in life-extending techniques are coming. I think he’s right. All we have to do is live long enough to see them.

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