Wither Patriotism

Now I Want To Be Considered Old Fashioned

Long May It Wave

Long May It Wave

Displays of patriotism are considered passé. Who knew.

Actually, I did.   With the possible exception of a few days (or maybe weeks) after Sept. 11, 2001, I don’t think that there’s been a time since 1963 when they weren’t.  More’s the pity.

It saddens me to see that it’s gone this far, though.

WOODBURY — No one’s sure when daily recitations of the Pledge of Allegiance fell by the wayside at Woodbury Elementary School.But efforts to restore them have erupted into a bitter dispute in this tiny (pop. 810) Vermont town, with school officials blocking the exercise from classrooms amid concerns that it holds nonparticipating children up to scorn.

Supporters say the classroom is the place for it, and the disagreement has fueled an increasingly acrimonious debate.

“The whole thing is tearing our community apart,” said Heather Lanphear, 39, the mother of a first-grade student.

The kicker, however, is the first letter to the editor on this article, which I quote below.  Riehl World View takes note of it too.

Hey, Mr. Curmudgeon, You forgot to call us gall-danged whipersnappers and tell us to get off your lawn.

FYI: It’s not 1957 anymore–it’s not even 2007. This drink-the-beer-&-eat-the-can brand of patriotism is done. Yesterday’s news. There’s a new day dawning, and reactionary bile is no longer relevant. We’re not going anywhere and you’re not invading anybody. We win. You lose. So take your God & guns & FoxNews soundbites and step to the back of the bus. We just took over the country, and we’re calling the shots now.

Sort of makes me want to wave a flag – or at least wear a flag lapel pin.

All credit to The Instapundit for the link.  You may want to see his terse comment, too.

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