It’s Just A Little Cold

A Title That Can Be Taken Two Ways

Can a little influenza bring down the coal industry in the US?   Well, apparently so.  It’s close enough to the edge that a flu outbreak could send it over.

A new report from the University of Minnesota warns that an influenza pandemic could disrupt the coal industry, thereby endangering the nation’s significantly coal-dependent electric power system and everything that depends on it.

“Despite regional differences in coal usage, a pandemic is likely to break links in the coal supply chain, thus disrupting electrical generation. This has the potential to severely endanger the bulk electrical power system in most of the United States,” says the report from the university’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP), publisher of CIDRAP News.

The report says that current federal preparedness plans do not address the possibility of power supply problems resulting from reduced coal shipments during a pandemic. A key planning gap, it says, is that federal plans put coal industry workers among those last in line for pandemic vaccines and antiviral drugs.

Every other industry seems to be lining up for a taxpayer funded bailout.  Ed Driscoll seems to think so too.

At the start of his pre-election cruise through all of America’s 57 states, President-To-be Obama said he’d bankrupt the coal industry, so they really just need enough to make it through until his inauguration in January, when they can start the paper on Chapter 11.

And then once bankrupted by Obama, they can apply for their own federal bailout like every other industry.

Yeah – I noted that too.

And the other way to take the title of this post?   It was 29 degrees in Wash. D.C. this morning before Thanksgiving.   That’s not bad – for Buffalo, N.Y. For here?

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