Clever, or Disconcerting?

Why, Yes!

Have you noticed your name on a couple of big time blogs lately?  I have.  Go see if you can find your name.

Clever?  Probably not.  It’s a medium-tech trick used better in a few other specialized sites, and it reveals less (to them, the advertisers) than it appears.  I’ve seen it done in print too, like in catalogues mailed at Christmas with my name emblazoned on a gift item inside.  It bothers me a little when it’s done for the purpose of advertising this way though – It seems so… cheap.

And it sure does look like some sort of spying (and privacy invasion), doesn’t it?  If they haven’t already, these ads should disabuse you of the notion that you have anonymity online.  You don’t.

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One Comment on “Clever, or Disconcerting?”

  1. Becky Says:

    I didn’t see my name with the snapshot, only when I clicked on the link. I have seen that somewhere else on a smaller time blog and it IS rather off-putting.

    Speaking of clicking on the link, this was the sentence that jumped out at me:

    “when you die and they embalm you what happens to your penis?”

    Something I never thought about before. Never any reason to either 🙂

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