Joker In The Clown College

Such Is The Senate

Oh, I do not like “all politics all the time”, but this is the era we live in, I suppose. The 2008 election goes on (and on, and on and…).  After blogging about all the potential disasters the press wishes us to be paranoid about aware of, it seems that the MSM is missing the biggest disaster of all (apparently, they’re much more interested in supporting Hamas today).  The joker is all-but-officially in the Senate (which is now officially known as The Clown College).  Allahpundit asks: What’s most depressing, the Caroline appointment, the Burris appointment, or this? It’s really hard to say.

From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune (where the story is local, btw):

DFLer Al Franken won an impressive share Saturday of what may be the last ballots tallied in the U.S. Senate recount, boosting his unofficial lead over Sen. Norm Coleman to 225 votes heading into a Monday meeting where the state Canvassing Board will certify the final result of the race.

No, it’s not completely over, just yet. The Minnesota Supreme Court has yet to rule that some absentee ballots were wrongly rejected from the count.

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3 Comments on “Joker In The Clown College”

  1. JackOfHeart Says:

    If there was any hope or any slim chance for peace, “forget about it” for a very very longs time. By committing this holocaust against children in Gaza, Israel created more and more enemies not only in Gaza, but everywhere else in the free world. Those that lost young brothers and sisters or sons and daughters will be waiting for the soonest chance for revenge. Let me just say that even if the Israelis whipe out Hamas completely, there will be Hamas 2 and Hamas 3 fighting for their stolen land and firing rockets on those illegal settlements that are shocking them. Whats really sad is that our president, Bush, is allowing this terrorist aggression against the innocent civilians when he claims to be fighting terrorism! We have lost our leadership in the world ethically, thanks to Israel. Bush is going to paint a dark picture in the history books of our unethical suppport for the biggest holocaust ever committed against innocent palestinian children. You deserve a “wide-size” shoe, mr. president!

  2. joe Says:

    Sigh. This post was about Al Franken, JackofHeart. But if you insist…
    How do you explain the fact that Hamas is complaining that even Arab countries are not supporting its efforts? Some say the root cause lay with Hamas itself, not with Israel.

    And to blame the Bush administration??? Really? It’s easier to blame Obama, and he’s not even President yet! From Patterico:
    “In today’s New York Post, columnist Ralph Peters speculates Israel’s actions are due in part to a concern that the Obama Administration will “undercut Israel’s counterterror offensive before its goals have been reached.” Whether or not that’s true, Hamas had to know the Bush Administration would support Israel and it’s mystifying to me why the Hamas leaders didn’t wait until Bush was out of office to commence these rocket attacks.”

    But then again, don’t bother. Really. It’s a rhetorical question that’s been un-answered for 1500 years now, and you and I will come to no agreement (with or without acrimony).

  3. Dan Long Says:

    Aww, darn… Poor Cooper Anderson (rich boy) can’t get close to the combat because the Israelis won’t let him put embedded reporters in. Wonder why? Maybe because of his tilt in favor of the morons that voted a facscist/terrorist government into power that chooses to shell civilians with rockets? Maybe? Maybe because of CNN’s copulatory coverage of the Iraq war? Maybe…

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