I Blame George Bush, Myself

No I Don’t. But I Question The Timing

Your (not so) humble blogger got up early this morning, expressly to work out before work.  Bless me (whomever) – It’s been weeks since my last workout.  Almost.  I was suffering from a very bad, very lingering cold that kept me off the treadmill for most of these last three weeks, but I was able to get in a light workout just last Monday, two days ago.  It felt good.  I was really, really looking forward to doing it again today.

Then it snowed.  Then it rained.  And then it froze.

By 5 AM there was more than an inch of ice over everything (as I’m sure you’re aware, since this happened from Arkansas to Vermont), except on my car, which had the ice left over from the last glacial period on it.  <voice type=”Seinfeld Soup-Nazi”>No Workout For You!</voice>

Well, it only took me an hour to clean the windshield and get out of the parking lot and up the hill to the road exiting my townhouse.  It took less time to drive the rest of the commute, some 22 miles.  I’m counting my blessings – very light traffic, roads taken care of, no fenderbenders, no powerlines down, no hits, no runs and no errors.  I’ll take it.  Why getting out of the parking lot has to be an example of X-treme driving, I don’t know.  But in the Metro-DC area, it always is.

Unless you’re the mayor.

We will, of course, not laugh at the recurring coincidences of Al Gore Speechifying on behalf of Global Warming concerns and snow storms. It’s just too easy.

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