Just Begging For John Galt To Appear

It’s Only A Novel. It’s Only A Novel

Keep repeating that to yourself as Ayn Rand’s dystopia comes ever closer to reality.  Check out this exchange in Der Spiegel Online:

SPIEGEL: What do you mean with your battle cry, “We’re not paying for your crisis”? Don’t you want to pay taxes anymore?

Passadakis: We believe that the cost of the economic crisis should be footed by those who profited most from globalization.

SPIEGEL: As a leading exporter, Germany too has profited.

Passadakis: No, the majority of people have not earned much from the boom — instead they have had to deal with restraint in their wage agreements. The rich, on the other hand, have seen strong increases in their wealth. So it is only fair that they should pay extra duties.

SPIEGEL: You want to fleece the Aldi brothers and the Klatten and Otto families (Germany’s richest people) among others?

Passadakis: Yes, they in particular should be ordered to come to the check out. We are calling for the rich to pay out between 5 and 20 percent of their wealth.

I think if you look up the word “theft” in the dictionary, you’ll find that exchange.  What I find so sad is that this is exactly the scenario Rand put to paper in the ’40s and ’50s, which led to the withdrawal of competent people from collective society.  In her novel(s), this left those remaining – the hangers-on, the bureaucrats, politicians, and many whom are now known as “the creative class” – to wallow in a misery of their own making.  Now, Rand was a megalomaniac, a moral cretin and a flake (see also, here).  Her writing is simultaneously awful and great, and in some odd way, unforgettable.  She hit a nerve and she hit on a truth that gets harder to ignore.

Who is this Passadakis character, by the way?  Is he of consequence? Alexis Passadakis is an activist from the group Attac, which is organizing demonstrations in Berlin and Frankfort with the slogan “We’re Not Paying For Your Crisis!”  We’ll see how the Aldi brothers, the Klatten and Otto families react in Germany.  It won’t be long after that we see how the Bill Gates, the Paul Allens and Warren Buffets react in this country.  It’ll be “interesting.”

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