More Discouraging Than The Economy – MSRA

MSRA IS A Four Letter Word

CNN is reporting is near panic tones about rising numbers of cases of MSRA – serious, anti-bacteriological resistant infections.   They quote Dr. Martin Belson, a pediatric emergency room physician with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

“It used to be, decades ago, it was just people who were hospitalized or had surgical procedures that were at risk for MRSA. Now, it’s becoming more community-acquired,” Belson said.

A study published in the January edition of the Archives of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery revealed a 16-percent increase in pediatric MRSA infections in the head and neck during a recent six-year period.

Belson called the rise alarming. He blamed part of the problem on an increased resistance to the antibiotics used to treat MRSA. He also noted that doctors are recognizing and testing for MRSA more often.

The infections are serious and scary.

Two-year-old Talan Williamson was battling a painful staph infection. It’s not just any infection, but the kind that most parents dread: methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA.

“I’m scared,” said his mother, Trisha Williamson, 24, of Cartersville, Georgia. “I’m scared and frustrated. I want answers to why we cannot get rid of it.”

The answers were given to you years ago, Ms. Williamson.  Many people have not been listening. From Reuters:

Disinfectant wipes routinely used in hospitals may actually spread drug-resistant bacteria rather than kill the dangerous infections, British researchers said on Tuesday.

While the wipes killed some bacteria, a study of two hospitals showed they did not get them all and could transfer the so-called superbugs to other surfaces, Gareth Williams, a microbiologist at Cardiff University, said.

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