Conn. Follow-Up

Whoa Mule!

Drew M. at Ace of Spades follows up on yesterday’s news from the Connecticut legislature.  He suspects it was the legislative equivalent of rationally discussing the day’s travel arrangements with a mule.  It’s done traditionally with a two-by.

This is the danger of politicians and activists living in a cocoon. What seems reasonable while talking to other true believers turns out to be bat shit crazy when normal people hear it.

And what is this about, you may ask?  Allow me to refresh your memory.  From Capital Watch, wherein he links:

Following the biggest political firestorm of the 2009 legislative session, a public hearing scheduled for Wednesday on the financial and administrative management of the Catholic Church has been canceled by the judiciary committee. The bill is dead for the rest of the legislative session.

As soon as word spread about the bill, the Legislative Office Building was flooded with telephone calls and e-mails on Monday. The bill, virtually overnight, became the hottest issue at the state Capitol.


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