Did You Hear About The Protests?

No, huh.

We’ve come a long way from Woodstock, haven’t we, boomers?  Now you have to wonder what else aren’t they telling you?

If a revolution happens and no reporters cover it, will it make a sound? That’s a good question because an anti-tax revolution as American as they come is under way, and the country’s top newsmen could care less.

Anti-tax protests have been sprouting like spring flowers from sea to shining sea the past couple of weeks.

There have been “Tea Party” protests in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Nashville, New York…

But if you only get your news from the mainstream media, you probably wouldn’t know the protests ever happened. Most major news outlets have provided zero coverage of any of the individual events or the grassroots movement as a whole. The conservative-leaning Internet startup Pajamas TV is the only outlet consistently covering the protests, which totaled nearly 30 by PJTV’s count after last weekend.

If you wonder why your local newspaper is losing revenue, you haven’t been paying attention.
Via Instapundit, here’s a report on yesterday’s protest in Rochester, NY.

“In New York state, we have the double whammy…living in a state with the highest taxes in the union…it’s squeezing us. We’re losing population and losing businesses,” said one protestor.

Passage of President Obama’s nearly $800 billion stimulus package drew similar protests in 40 major cities across the country last week.

And probably in yours, too.

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