This Time It’s Personnal

Situation Critical, But Not Serious

It’s odd living in an era when the goings-on in Capital Hill affect you directly. It’s one of those times. Defense Secretary Robert Gates was talking about me just the other day…

The proposed cuts in space and missile defense programs reflect a retreat in emerging environments that are increasingly critical in modern warfare. The termination of the Airborne Laser and Transformational Satellite programs is especially discouraging.

The Airborne Laser is the most promising form of defense against ballistic missiles in the “boost phase,” the moments immediately after launch when the missiles are most vulnerable. This project was also the military’s first operational foray into directed energy, which will be as revolutionary in the future as “stealth” technology has been in recent decades. The Transformational Satellite program employs laser technology for communications purposes, providing not only enhanced bandwidth — essential to fulfill the value of all kinds of information networks — but increased security.

Well, Okay – I’ve been working on the Transformational Satellite proposal. He’s proposed its termination. Congress has yet to act, and Pres. Obama has yet to sign. The former, in particular, is not a done deal.

Nothing happens until it happens, and the only constant is change. In this case, there’s a decent chance that the form of the change will actually increase the work headed to the company for which I’m contracting.

Or not. We’ll see.

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