Stephen Hawkings Is Gravely Ill

Above and Beyond the Usual, That Is

He’s lived almost 40 years with ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease, which usually kills its victims in 2 or 3 years. That’s never stopped him from being recognized as the world’s foremost cosmologists, holding Sir Isaac Newton’s seat at Cambridge, being a grandfather or being a world class prankster and pain in the butt (or so I hear). From CNN: Scientist and author Stephen Hawking is “very ill” and has been hospitalized, according to Cambridge University, where he is a professor.

From Nancy Atkinson at Universe Today and Yahoo News:

Famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has been rushed to a hospital and is seriously ill. Cambridge University released information today that Hawking has been fighting a chest infection for several weeks, and was taken to a hospital in Cambridge.” Professor Hawking is very ill,” said Gregory Hayman, the university’s head of communications. “He is undergoing tests.”

Update: CNN updates the information on Hawking’s condition.

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