Not Something Normal Fans Would Do

Chuck Fans Have A Heart

Chuck is a good show on NBC that’s having a harder time getting renewed than it should. The announcement, expected last Monday, was delayed without explanation, and fans became, well, a little worried.

Tomorrow, 7-May, sometime between 1 pm and 2 pm, CNN is going to highlight the amazing fan reaction to this bit of adversity.  It goes way beyond writing e-mails to NBC executives or sending various unwanted items to their desks in vast quantities.  The fan known as “Chuckling” explains.

On the morning of May 5, 2009, a few of us were kicking around ideas on the NBC Chuck forum of what else might be done to extend the SAVE CHUCK cause. Ideas started coming together suggesting that we donate to Subway’s favorite charity, The American Heart Association.

And why Subway’s favorite charity? That’s because Subway was a major sponsor of Chuck, and had prominent product placement in several episodes. It was a running gag that the fans actually enjoyed.

And for at least the last two episodes of the season, fans showed their support in an organized manner by buying the product.  No disses, no boycotts, just support.

So why the hold up at NBC? Dateline Hollywood TV critic Nikki Finke thinks she knows.

As for Chuck, this gets complicated. Turns out NBC didn’t like David E Kelley’s Warner Bros pilot Legally Mad. Problem is, there’s a $2 million penalty that gets paid to WB if the network doesn’t pick up the show. So NBC is hoping to work a deal tying the renewal of Chuck, which is also a WB show, to a pass on paying that Legally Mad penalty.

Regardless of your fandom status, if you’d like to donate to the American Heart Association, you can start here.  If you’d like to show your support for the show at the same time, you can start at the WeHeartChuck site.

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