Free Fallin’

Stumblin’ and Tumblin’

I haven’t blogged much about bicycling this spring, but I’ve been doing my share (which, fortunately, isn’t much for old men…) Weekend before last I took my first real fall.

Note to self: When looking over your shoulder, don’t start to turn before checking traffic. Changing your mind will cause you to skid.

And fall. Only my ego got bruised and my elbow scraped. My helmet did bounce off the ground, though.

But I managed to get the strut to which the de-railer is mounted somewhat out of alignment. Not to worry, I thought. I can adjust it. Right? Um… Children, don’t try that at home. Did you know that a good bike mechanic is worth his weight in gold in 14 states? Anyway, I messed up the alignment and the fine tuning of the de-railer, and the bike is in the shop for a few more days. Lesson learned! De-railer adjustment is a black art, who’s practitioners begin their magic with the sacrifice of small electronic appliances while chanting a mystic canticle in Olde English.

Tour-de-cure 100 mile start.

Tour-de-cure 100 mile start.

My hat’s off to the astro-bro, who completed the “Tour-de-Cheektowaga” and lived to tell the tale. That’s him, next to Lance Armstrong.

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