Bills, Bills, Bills

And We Ain’t Talkin’ Money!

Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills

The NFL’s Buffalo Bills had a lousy preseason, and lost what looked like a won game against the New England Patriots last week. This week they cracked the winners column with a big win over the Tampa Bay Bucaneers in Orchard Park.  And after last weeks heartbreaking loss in the last 2 minutes of the game, this win is what they needed.  It’s what the fans needed.

Yes, TO had a big day, with a catch that’ll make the NFL highlight reels at the end of the year. Needed that, too.

The professional pickers were saying last week that Buffalo played pretty well in their loss, and put the Bills at about #20 or #21 in the power rankings last week, with the Bucs at about number 29 in the 32 team league. The Bills will move up, but only a little.

Their next opponent, the New Orleans Saints, are easily one of the top ten teams in the league this year, and maybe even in the top 5.

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