To Slow The Development of Future Combat Systems

In Sen. Barack Obama’s own words:

I will slow our development of future combat systems.

I’m currently employed and working on the development of one such system, and yes, this concerns me greatly.

When I first came to the D.C. area from the mid-west nearly 30 years ago, I looked at the politicians and policy makers (wonks) and wondered how such powerless people could think that they actually affected people in the heartland. After all, what they did had nearly zero effect in, say, Kalamazoo, where I had just spent a few years.

Foolish me. I now live in a era where half the votes they, the politicians, take directly affect my livelihood, and the other half are split between affecting (for the worst) the quality of my health care and affecting the price of the gasoline I buy.

Oh, except when they decided to investigate Roger Clemens. That doesn’t affect me at all.

The next time I vote I’ll remember the immortal words of Capt. Jean Luc Picard, who said “That [attack] was personal.”

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