Starting Anew

It’s Been A Long Time, Now I’m Coming Back Home

Yes, that’s a Beatles reference. Forty years later, I’m full of them.

But I’ll refrain.

Much has happened, but almost nothing’s changed, really. Except me, a little. Older, wiser (a bit, I hope), and I discovered that my parents (and my “kid” sister!) are really very cool people. Funny I didn’t notice that so much before, because it’s such an obvious thing.

I’ve been enjoying bike riding – and today was a little tougher than most. When you bike after days (and days and days) of rain, you get dirty, especially if you’re going fast.
Most of my trips this year have been in the park. I found that you must be courteous and patient with pedestrians when you’re on a bike. Tomorrow it may be that you and they are on the road, but they’re driving. That’s when they can squish you.

Oh, and when you bike on the road with traffic, no matter how fast you’re going, you have to follow their rules. Don’t expect them to follow yours. Definitely a life-rule.

I discovered, recently, that a donut sitting on a plate is a major temptation, especially after attaining your weight goal. It’s even more of a temptation when you’re not sure that it’s yours to take. It’s gooey and good and it calls your name.

I had an apple instead.

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